Nature Provides Another Temporary Break From Dust Cloud

Contacted Mr. Donald Stottlemire  our 5th District Commissioner today I did get a call back from him. Don stated that I would have to get the neighbors to unite to get the dust problem under control. As I see it the material the county  is using to keep up the road is creating the dust problem. Some neighbors are not able or willing to pay for the cost of a Chip and Seal me being one of the ones not able to afford it. He puts the ball back in Mr. Haags lap. We pay taxes we should get something out of it other than limestone dust. Looks like it is time to call in the news stations the next time the dust is blowing 20-30 feet in the air and covering our house.

Donald Stottlemire

5th District, Commissioner

1428 South Main, Suite 2

Ottawa, KS 66067

Phone: (785) 229-3485

Residence: (785) 878-3760

Kansas Statutes

Browsable and searchable archive of 2009 Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.)

Chapter 2: Agriculture

Article 20: Soil Erosion Caused By Wind

Statute 2-2004: Duties of county commissioners. Further to administer, carry out and make effective the purposes of this act the board of county commissioners of each county, upon knowing or being advised that dust, any plant or weed is blowing from any particular land in the county, are hereby authorized and directed immediately to inspect such land. If it is determined the soil, any plant or weed is blowing therefrom in sufficient quantity to be injurious to the land because of erosion thereof, to nearby land because of dirt blown thereon, to nearby land because of any plant or weed blown thereon or to the public health because of dust therefrom blown into the air, they shall determine what, if anything, can be done to prevent or materially lessen the soil, any plant or weed blowing from such land, and if in their judgment that can be accomplished by prompt cultivation of the soil in some manner, they are authorized and directed to order work to be done and the time when and the type of work to be done. The board of county commissioners may order that the land be disced, listed, chiseled, cultivated, chopped or worked by any other method of control approved by the board. In all cases, where it can be done reasonably, the board of county commissioners shall confer with the owner of the land before determining or ordering work to be done thereon, and advise the owner of their conclusions and give the owner an opportunity to do the work they conclude should be done, but if the owner cannot be consulted without unreasonable delay, or cannot or will not do the work in the manner and within the time it should be done, the board of county commissioners may do the work, or employ someone to do it, and issue its warrants to pay the actual cost thereof, and pay such warrants from the fund hereinafter provided, without regard to any other statute pertaining to the issuing or paying of county warrants.
(Being that this is Franklin County Property the county is required to take care of their own problem.)
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