Franklin County Kansas Update

Don’t know what a MSDS is

I contacted Franklin County asking for a Material Safety Data Sheet for the crushed lime dust they are putting on the roads around here. I want to know the silica content and particle size. I still have not received one, even after multiple contacts including  direct emails to the Mr. James M. Haag Jr. seems , email challenged. I would have expected the public works department to at least know what a MSDS was. When I called in was I ever surprised, the office people had no idea what a MSDS was. Do me a favor send Mr. Haag an email at the link above and explain to him how to use email and what a Material Safety Data Sheet is. Mr. Haag I’m sure you blocked me due to my  wanting to have this dust issue resolved and you really don’t care about the health of the rural residents. Maybe it is time for a new Professional Engineer for Franklin County.

Mr. Haag  what is composition of the limestone dust that is used on the roads? Do you know the amount of silica and the particle size ? And what kind of bacterial load in in the dust? Do you even know what a MSDS is? Feel free to contact me at 785-883-2183 or reply to this post, or just send the info to me at 4671 Utah Rd, Wellsville, Ks 66092


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