Chef Ramsay needed for La Parrilla, Lawrence Kansas

Ate at La Parrilla in Lawrence Kansas, wonderful server Katie brought us our volcano bowl specials,  I had a couple of Margaritas not  to bad  then went down the street to Lawrence Free State and had one beer. By the time I got back to the car I started feeling very sick  spent the next 15 minutes  vomiting,  made it to my son’s house and was sick again for another forty-five minutes.  Me being a former bio R&D Tech I have some idea of virus and bacterial processes. I started thinking while outside losing the meal and fine beer I had drank,  it came to me, maybe something isn’t quite right at La Parrilla. I contacted the owner or manager and after review of my concerns he stated they were in compliance with  health codes and it surely was  just the flu that was going around that made me sick.

At this point I did voice my concerns to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of  Food Safety and Lodging, following is the Inspection Results:

“Urban Wessling” <>

I conducted a complaint inspection on subject facility in Lawrence in response to your complaint.

The facility was cited for violations of food code requirements including: date marking, raw meat over rte food, chemicals over food, unlabeled chemicals, and dead roaches. An NONC has been issued and a follow up inspection will be conducted.

Other violations were cited.

You may see the inspection when posted on the website, by going to the Kansas Department of Agriculture website, clicking Food Safety, and follow the menu to Food Safety Inspections.

Thank you.

Urban Wessling Jr.

Kansas Dept of Agriculture

Division of Food Safety and Lodging

(785) 296 5600

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