Chef Ramsay needed for La Parrilla, Lawrence Kansas

Ate at La Parrilla in Lawrence Kansas, wonderful server Katie brought us our volcano bowl specials,  I had a couple of Margaritas not  to bad  then went down the street to Lawrence Free State and had one beer. By the time I got back to the car I started feeling very sick  spent the next 15 […]

Research New Ideas For Rural Road Construction

Findings On doing my research I have found some interesting links coming from other countries, the most promising one is  Renolith a Polymer additive being used around the world  click on the link to see a video. Also a link to the company website Renolith Advanced Technology using this product to build rural roads would cut the cost […]

Nature Provides Another Temporary Break From Dust Cloud

Contacted Mr. Donald Stottlemire  our 5th District Commissioner today I did get a call back from him. Don stated that I would have to get the neighbors to unite to get the dust problem under control. As I see it the material the county  is using to keep up the road is creating the dust problem. Some neighbors are not able […]

Antonucci’s Italian Restaurant Baldwin Kansas

Had a good meal at Antonucci’s on New Years Eve in Baldwin Kansas. Brenda had the Chicken smothered in mushrooms and I had the lasagna roles. Great taste good service price $$$ . I would recommend it as a great place to eat. We met Chef Tad Ingles he studied culinary arts at Johnson County Community […]

12-29-2012 Thank you Mr. Haag for another load of dust for Utah Rd

Wow a couple of large wonderful loads of gravel dust dumped on Utah Road again a couple of days ago. One neighbor is now down with Bronchitis and Pneumonia Mr. Bogle is in his 70’s and can ill afford the amount of dust that is the air around our area.  I had Bronchitis for two weeks still […]

Computer Crash Slows Postings Down

The Wellsville Kansas Buzz suffered a catastrophic HDD failure slowing down the posts showing the effects of the poor quality gravel used on the rural roads in Franklin County Kansas. We are now back up and running after buying a new computer and rebuilding the old computer with twice the computing power and photo editing […]

Rain Clears Brings Short Respite Dust

Grass is really green? We had all but forgotten what color the grass and weeds were, the ash gray color from the limestone dust  washed off by the rain last night. No dust trail 30 – 40 feet in the air trailing after every car, truck, or bus that comes rolling by. Its almost as […]