Limestone Haze Over Utah Road – Franklin County, Kansas

Residents of  rural Franklin County Kansas have a very ominous cloud in the air, caused by the very substance they drive on .  The gravel we use to drive on  replaced by limestone dust and very little gravel.  James M. Haag, Jr. P.E. Public Works Director is the man in charge of maintaining our roads. In the six years I have lived here  on Utah Rd. the gravel has become less and less and the dust heavier and thicker. You walk through your yard and you have powdered limestone dust rising like the ash from Pompe.

   Click this link to download the  Limestone Material Safety Data Sheet   .pdf  from Martin Marietta Materials  page 1 section III- Hazards Identification state  ( Angular gray particles ranging in size from powder to small stones. No odor. Silica containing Respirable dust particles may be generated by handling limestone. Inhalation of excessive particulate matter may cause respiratory problems. Crystalline silica, a component of this product, has been designated as a group I carcinogen by IARC.)

DSC_0162 DSC_0163  DSC_0169


Pickup 25 mph at the most 30 mph

Pickup 25 mph at the most 30 mph


The grass is gray white from the finely ground limestone.

  Even the mail truck going as slow as she was going couldn’t keep from stirring up the dust.


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