Rain Clears Brings Short Respite Dust

Grass is really green?

We had all but forgotten what color the grass and weeds were, the ash gray color from the limestone dust  washed off by the rain last night. No dust trail 30 – 40 feet in the air trailing after every car, truck, or bus that comes rolling by. Its almost as strange as not seeing the jet trails after 9-11.   Be assured Mr. James M. Haag Jr. will have Joe out on his grader come Monday out to break up the now packed down limestone dust  plunging the area back to its former dust bowl choked realities.


Omnious Clouds Of Dust Affecting Housing Market

DSC_0258Would you want to buy a house on this road when day after day the fine gray limestone dust keeps building up. Click image for close up of the road base material.

Read All About It The Effects Of Franklin County’s Limestone Dust Problem

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Portraits Children

Portraits Children.

Pet Peeves Update

Quest is at least looking into the problem I  did get State Farm to work with the e-billing  system it is such a pain to enter all the info into a system that you don’t know if it will work or not. You have to go and beg the companies that you are late with not to cut you off. Its kind of a crap shoot as to what will work and what will knock you in the dirt and cost you penalties. E commerce sucks.

Pet Peeves

I use Quest Credit Union, it use to be Credit Union 1 of Kansas until they were bought out. I used the CU1 bill pay system to receive and pay bills it worked every time. They went to a new bill pay system and quite frankly it sucks. The old system was way better than what the new Quest has instituted. Their e billing system is not worth a C__p, you put in all the info it asks for in and then tells you it can’t do what it is suppose to do and tells you to contact the company you are trying to get the e-bill from. Now I am going back to killing trees due to having to get paper bills sent to me. I really question Quests validation of this program they gave it to a third-party to do their work. It was more than likely farmed out to India or China to validate. All in all they have failed in my humble opinion as a former quality control person. I would say it is time to audit the company that validates their programs and possibly find a better company to do the job. Maybe not take the lowest bid to do the job. I just talked to the head IT person they did take a lower cost route on Bill Pay programs not because it was more cost-effective but had a larger customer base. All I can say is you get what you pay for.

Chili Jacks Updates Menu

Chili has just added beer battered cod to his menu I tried it and it was very good. I still think his burger is the best in the state of  Kansas. You decide, check out  his prices they are dirt cheep, it makes it worth the trip to Wellsville, Kansas. He also has PBR on tap. for a $1.50 click Menu to see all the tasty things he has to offer.

The bar has a new Pool Table and a Shuffle Board Table for your enjoyment.