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Franklin County Kansas Update

Don’t know what a MSDS is I contacted Franklin County asking for a Material Safety Data Sheet for the crushed lime dust they are putting on the roads around here. I want to know the silica content and particle size. I still have not received one, even after multiple contacts including  direct emails to the publicworks@mail.franklincoks.org Mr. James M. Haag […]

Research New Ideas For Rural Road Construction

Findings On doing my research I have found some interesting links coming from other countries, the most promising one is  Renolith a Polymer additive being used around the world  click on the link to see a video. Also a link to the company website Renolith Advanced Technology using this product to build rural roads would cut the cost […]

12-29-2012 Thank you Mr. Haag for another load of dust for Utah Rd

Wow a couple of large wonderful loads of gravel dust dumped on Utah Road again a couple of days ago. One neighbor is now down with Bronchitis and Pneumonia Mr. Bogle is in his 70’s and can ill afford the amount of dust that is the air around our area.  I had Bronchitis for two weeks still […]

Omnious Clouds Of Dust Affecting Housing Market

Would you want to buy a house on this road when day after day the fine gray limestone dust keeps building up. Click image for close up of the road base material.