Chef Ramsay needed for La Parrilla, Lawrence Kansas

Ate at La Parrilla in Lawrence Kansas, wonderful server Katie brought us our volcano bowl specials,  I had a couple of Margaritas not  to bad  then went down the street to Lawrence Free State and had one beer. By the time I got back to the car I started feeling very sick  spent the next 15 minutes  vomiting,  made it to my son’s house and was sick again for another forty-five minutes.  Me being a former bio R&D Tech I have some idea of virus and bacterial processes. I started thinking while outside losing the meal and fine beer I had drank,  it came to me, maybe something isn’t quite right at La Parrilla. I contacted the owner or manager and after review of my concerns he stated they were in compliance with  health codes and it surely was  just the flu that was going around that made me sick.

At this point I did voice my concerns to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of  Food Safety and Lodging, following is the Inspection Results:

“Urban Wessling” <>

I conducted a complaint inspection on subject facility in Lawrence in response to your complaint.

The facility was cited for violations of food code requirements including: date marking, raw meat over rte food, chemicals over food, unlabeled chemicals, and dead roaches. An NONC has been issued and a follow up inspection will be conducted.

Other violations were cited.

You may see the inspection when posted on the website, by going to the Kansas Department of Agriculture website, clicking Food Safety, and follow the menu to Food Safety Inspections.

Thank you.

Urban Wessling Jr.

Kansas Dept of Agriculture

Division of Food Safety and Lodging

(785) 296 5600


Franklin County Kansas Update

Don’t know what a MSDS is

I contacted Franklin County asking for a Material Safety Data Sheet for the crushed lime dust they are putting on the roads around here. I want to know the silica content and particle size. I still have not received one, even after multiple contacts including  direct emails to the Mr. James M. Haag Jr. seems , email challenged. I would have expected the public works department to at least know what a MSDS was. When I called in was I ever surprised, the office people had no idea what a MSDS was. Do me a favor send Mr. Haag an email at the link above and explain to him how to use email and what a Material Safety Data Sheet is. Mr. Haag I’m sure you blocked me due to my  wanting to have this dust issue resolved and you really don’t care about the health of the rural residents. Maybe it is time for a new Professional Engineer for Franklin County.

Mr. Haag  what is composition of the limestone dust that is used on the roads? Do you know the amount of silica and the particle size ? And what kind of bacterial load in in the dust? Do you even know what a MSDS is? Feel free to contact me at 785-883-2183 or reply to this post, or just send the info to me at 4671 Utah Rd, Wellsville, Ks 66092


Research New Ideas For Rural Road Construction


On doing my research I have found some interesting links coming from other countries, the most promising one is  Renolith a Polymer additive being used around the world  click on the link to see a video. Also a link to the company website Renolith Advanced Technology using this product to build rural roads would cut the cost of maintenance and there is a distributer in the USA. This product would cut the grading down to a minimum , save money on the constant need to haul large amounts of road base material to rural roads due to stabilization of the materials, end the dust and yearly dust control costs.  Now that I have found a possible solution for our County is there anyone in Kansas that would like to pressure our county government’s into at least studying this solution? I know I will be contacting every one I know and giving them my opinion.

Nature Provides Another Temporary Break From Dust Cloud

Contacted Mr. Donald Stottlemire  our 5th District Commissioner today I did get a call back from him. Don stated that I would have to get the neighbors to unite to get the dust problem under control. As I see it the material the county  is using to keep up the road is creating the dust problem. Some neighbors are not able or willing to pay for the cost of a Chip and Seal me being one of the ones not able to afford it. He puts the ball back in Mr. Haags lap. We pay taxes we should get something out of it other than limestone dust. Looks like it is time to call in the news stations the next time the dust is blowing 20-30 feet in the air and covering our house.

Donald Stottlemire

5th District, Commissioner

1428 South Main, Suite 2

Ottawa, KS 66067

Phone: (785) 229-3485

Residence: (785) 878-3760

Kansas Statutes

Browsable and searchable archive of 2009 Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.)

Chapter 2: Agriculture

Article 20: Soil Erosion Caused By Wind

Statute 2-2004: Duties of county commissioners. Further to administer, carry out and make effective the purposes of this act the board of county commissioners of each county, upon knowing or being advised that dust, any plant or weed is blowing from any particular land in the county, are hereby authorized and directed immediately to inspect such land. If it is determined the soil, any plant or weed is blowing therefrom in sufficient quantity to be injurious to the land because of erosion thereof, to nearby land because of dirt blown thereon, to nearby land because of any plant or weed blown thereon or to the public health because of dust therefrom blown into the air, they shall determine what, if anything, can be done to prevent or materially lessen the soil, any plant or weed blowing from such land, and if in their judgment that can be accomplished by prompt cultivation of the soil in some manner, they are authorized and directed to order work to be done and the time when and the type of work to be done. The board of county commissioners may order that the land be disced, listed, chiseled, cultivated, chopped or worked by any other method of control approved by the board. In all cases, where it can be done reasonably, the board of county commissioners shall confer with the owner of the land before determining or ordering work to be done thereon, and advise the owner of their conclusions and give the owner an opportunity to do the work they conclude should be done, but if the owner cannot be consulted without unreasonable delay, or cannot or will not do the work in the manner and within the time it should be done, the board of county commissioners may do the work, or employ someone to do it, and issue its warrants to pay the actual cost thereof, and pay such warrants from the fund hereinafter provided, without regard to any other statute pertaining to the issuing or paying of county warrants.
(Being that this is Franklin County Property the county is required to take care of their own problem.)

Antonucci’s Italian Restaurant Baldwin Kansas

Menu 1

Menu Page 1

Had a good meal at Antonucci’s on New Years Eve in Baldwin Kansas. Brenda had the Chicken smothered in mushrooms and I had the lasagna roles. Great taste good service price $$$ . I would recommend it as a great place to eat. We met Chef Tad Ingles he studied culinary arts at Johnson County Community College and finished his apprenticeship at Alvamar Country Club in Lawrence, Kansas.  Click on the menu to see it larger.

Menu page 2

Page 2

12-29-2012 Thank you Mr. Haag for another load of dust for Utah Rd

Wow a couple of large wonderful loads of gravel dust dumped on Utah Road again a couple of days ago. One neighbor is now down with Bronchitis and Pneumonia Mr. Bogle is in his 70’s and can ill afford the amount of dust that is the air around our area.  I had Bronchitis for two weeks still having on and off coughing at night. Here are the results of the new addition of dust on the road. Where’s the Gravel?  A photo is worth a thousand words a gallery a hundred thousand.

Gregory J. Highberger



Computer Crash Slows Postings Down

The Wellsville Kansas Buzz suffered a catastrophic HDD failure slowing down the posts showing the effects of the poor quality gravel used on the rural roads in Franklin County Kansas. We are now back up and running after buying a new computer and rebuilding the old computer with twice the computing power and photo editing capability. Let’s hope we get some more moist  weather  to keep the  dust down in order to keep from having to lambast Mr. James M. Haag on his cheep  road materials that cover the area with copious amounts of lung debilitating dust.